Wheels in Action

A Wheelchair Challenge – Learning Through Experience 

Wheels in Action is an experiential learning opportunity offered by GAP to schools and other organizations. Participants are asked to spend their work or school day using a wheelchair.  The intention is for participants to have a first hand opportunity to learn about issues related to the built environment, accessibility and inclusion.  Wheels in Action events are designed to meet the needs of the participating organization and their participants.  The event includes leadership from a GAP representative and the wheelchairs required for the event. Pre-event instruction and post-event follow up are important components of Wheels in Action.

Through the experience, participants will become more aware of concepts related to:

In 2015, GAP ran successful week long Wheels in Action events at Our Lady of Lourdes and Bishop Macdonell Catholic High Schools.  This amazing short film was created by Maddy Neumann, entitled “Day in a Wheelchair”.  Maddy captures some of her personal experiences as a participant in Wheels in Action and showcases her vision for an inclusive and engaging community.

For more information on Wheels in Action, contact Guelph Accessibility Project at guelphaccessibilityproject@gmail.com.