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“All Access Downtown Guelph” August 2016

“StopGap portable accessibility ramps come to downtown GuelphOctober 2015

“StopGap Guelph Project Great for the City”  October 2015

“37 businesses receive accessibility ramps via StopGap Guelph project”- September 2015

“Guelph Students roll a mile in someone else’s chair” May 2014

“Not an Easy Roll” – May 2014

Other articles related to the Guelph community

“Support a Barrier-Free Canada with a Canadians with Disabilities Act” October 2015

“City report highlights cost of fixing trip hazards”September 2015

“To the people who react to my disability with ‘I’m Sorry'”September 2015

“Guelph grapples with playground deficiencies and mounting costs”- September 2015