Donations / Fundraising

There are a few ways that you can help fund GAP!

Direct Financial Support: We couldn’t offer programs like the StopGap Guelph Ramp Project or Wheels in Action without financial support. For example, consistent upkeep is needed for the manual wheelchairs used in Wheels in Action. Donations to GAP can be made by cheque or in person at the Bank of Montreal.

FundScrip Gift Card Fundraising Program: GAP has registered with FundScrip to assist us in raising funds to support our initiatives. When you purchase gift cards through FundScrip, GAP benefits because the retailers donate a portion of the proceeds back to GAP. Your every day shopping translates to funds we can use to support the community. There are nearly 200 retailers involved with the program.  In 2015, GAP has received over $125 in funds through this program.  Every little bit helps!

If you would like more information on how you can support or get involved, please contact Cyndy McLean at