GAP is committed to putting Guelph on the map!  Specifically, we are committed to populating the AccessNow website ( with businesses and services from Guelph and the surrounding areas.  AccessNow, created by Maayan Ziv,  was designed to share accessibility information. The goal of the site is to map as many places as possible from around the world.  The website uses crowdsourcing to pin-point the accessibility status of locations on an interactive map.  You are able to search for specific places or browse to see what is nearby with the accessibility features you need. 

 GAP would like to see as many Guelph locations as possible highlighted (e.g. restaurants, retail, services, visitor/tourist sites, etc.) and we will be working to build the Guelph database over the coming months. 

AccessNow is a wonderful tool to complement GAP’s StopGap Guelph ramp initiative.