About Us

Guelph Accessibility Project – GAP 

Enhancing Community Accessibility and Inclusion

Guelph Accessibility Project  is a grass-roots, not‐for‐profit organization.  It is made up of Guelph citizens interested in supporting community initiatives. These initiatives aim to develop a positive attitude towards disability and enhance opportunities for community accessibility and inclusion.

For 10 years, members of GAP organized and ran the annual Wheels in Motion event at the University of Guelph.  The event developed awareness and raised funds to support individuals in Guelph living with spinal cord injury (SCI).  Over the years, the event raised over $200,000 and the funds supported many individual and community initiatives, including: the purchase of wheelchair accessible fitness equipment for Victoria Rd. Recreation Centre, a height adjustable medical examination table for Student Health Services at the University of Guelph and a ceiling track lift for Kids Ability.  GAP currently funds SpinFit – an arm exercise program designed for individuals living with SCI or other neurological disorders – at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Guelph.

GAP was created to continue building on the contributions to Guelph made through Wheels in Motion.   Through a number of initiatives, we hope to improve the quality of life of all members of the Guelph community.

GAP’s executive team includes:

  • Liz Vardon (President/Web Design)
  • Eve Lampert (Vice President)
  • Ashley Kuchar (Secretary)
  • Cyndy Mclean (Treasurer)


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