A successful StopGap launch!

Thank you to those who came out today to support the successful launch of the StopGap ramps downtown. We were grateful to have Luke Anderson present, as he is the founder of the StopGap Foundation.  Also present was the Mayor of Guelph, Cam Guthrie, and election candidates Gord Miller (Green) and Lloyd Longfield (Liberal), along with Jon Beharry, the Campaign Manager for Andrew Seagram (NDP).



Left to Right- Luke Anderson (Founder of StopGap), Cyndy McLean, Sandra


Sandra trying out our new ramp!


Some of the new ramps that will be placed around town!


Left to right- Cyndy Mclean with Colleen Craig from Sign Art Centre of Guelph (our signage sponsor)


Left to Right- Mayor Cam Guthrie and Meg Dunning (Downtown Guelph Business Association)


We would also like to give a special shout out to Jan Hamilton from Roger’s for coming out too.  Her coverage of the launch will air on Roger’s on October 20.


Join us Oct 7 at 9:30AM for the launch of StopGap Ramps in Guelph!

Accessibility Initiative in Guelph

Guelph Accessibility Project is happy to announce the launch of a community ramp project called StopGap Guelph.  The ramp project helps to raise awareness to barriers in our built environment and reduces these barriers by providing portable ramps to businesses within the community.

A preview of some of the ramps that have been built for this wave of ramps. Image shows an assortment of blue, red and green ramps leaning against a wall.

A preview of some of the ramps that have been built for this wave of distribution. Image shows an assortment of blue, red and green ramps leaning against a wall.

 Nearly 40 Guelph businesses will receive free, portable accessibility ramps in October as part of the StopGap Guelph ramp project.  Manufactured by Kenaidan Contracting Ltd through its CETA (Care Enough to Act) program, these ramps aim to improve access to a variety of venues in the downtown core and surrounding area.  Along with the ramps, the participating businesses will receive signage that indicates they have a StopGap Guelph ramp and instructions for use (signs provided by Sign Art Centre of Guelph). 

Due to City of Guelph bylaws, the ramps will be used on an as-needed basis and will be deployed when requested. Although this is not a perfect solution, it is a great community project.  It enhances an individual’s ability to engage with our community by making businesses more accessible to everyone – whether a wheelchair user, a parent with a stroller or a delivery person. It isn’t a perfect fix to our built environment challenges but it offers a meaningful improvement and starts a conversation about community accessibility.

Join us for the launch of this initiative outside Coriander and New Age Health on Wyndham St N on Wednesday October 7th at 9.30am.

For a full list of participating businesses, please visit www.stopgapguelph.com/participating-businesses/  

Contact GAP (GuelphAccessibilityProject@gmail.com) or Cyndy McLean (mclean.cyndy@gmail.com) for more information.